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Linux Feed Reader

RSS feeds can be one way to easily keep up on a lot of stuff. The RSS pages that are called feeds have dated changes with headlines than a feed reader can use to help you see what is new and changed. The Linux Feed Reader Liferea does a good job of providing the tools to categorize and structure your RSS feed page links and present the entries in ways that allow skimming to find items worth deeper inspection. Several features provide good flexibility and utility in keeping up with the news.

First is the ability to create folders containing collections of feeds. The trick is to have folder collections that don’t accumulate more than a hundred or so new items at a time between all of the feed pages in the folder. All of the feeds should be on a similar theme so their feeds tell a common story, too.

Feed pages often have suggestions about how often they should be checked for changes. Liferea allows you to override this suggestion so you can reduce your net traffic. You can also update just one folder and everything in it instead of all of your feeds at once.

Filtering and sorting allow you to see only the new feed entries by date or by headline. With a good folder structure, you can view the unread items in a folder as one big list or open the folder and browse each feed.

The presentation of the entries can be combined as a long list of headlined entries or as a headline list with the selected entry in full below the headline list. This allows you to choose the best way to put the feeds on your screen for how you are perusing them.

There are plentiful shortcut keys and it is easy to launch the web browser with the full entry. You can also launch the full entry page in a Liferea tab if you’d prefer to use it to browse the web pages for the feeds.

Liferea is a straightforward feed reader with sufficient capabilities to be quite useful. Its major drawbacks are in a slow startup and some pauses while it get its database in order.