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An upgrade to the solitaire game provided a new look and feel. Kpatience 3.0 on KDE 4.1.3 The autodrop is slowed down. There is an indicator to tell you whether or not the game can be won at your current point. Game -> Statistics will give you the rundown on how many games you’ve played and your winning odds.

The game status can be an interesting item when coupled with the ^z back up a move. You can find certain innocuous plays that change the status from winnable to not winnable, back up and go a different direction. Often it is a card in the stack that would be blocked. Figuring out what can be interesting.

Too much time playing solitaire on your computer is an indication you need a faster computer or network connection, right? I mean, the only reason to use such applications is to keep busy waiting for the document to come up or some such?

UPDATE: The new version doesn’t seem to do that annoying ‘knotify’
thing when you win; a long stack going down to the bottom of the display window will shrink if you add cards that would otherwise take the stack off the bottom – more nifty animation.

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