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Ubuntu: Hardy to Intrepid

Ubuntu 8.04, the Hardy Heron, is making way for 8.10, the Intrepid Ibex. A CD download and fresh install to the P4 and the Core Solo machines went just fine. Now for a shot at upgrading.

First step is to enable the process via System->Software Sources upgrade tab. You have to indicate “normal releases” as Hardy was a long term support release. Then you can hit the release upgrade.

It was 1400 files and near a gigabyte of stuff. There were a couple of ‘save or overwrite this config file’ prompts but otherwise pretty much a leave alone for an hour or two process.

The reboot at the end did its thing and revealed some video hassles with screen blanking after login. That appears to have cleared up after a reboot or two. Now the only strange video artifacts are in Firefox after it starts up an before it loads the home page.

The GUI version of HandBrake is intended for Intrepid and it is nice to have the upgrade from the command line version.

Akregator didn’t make it. It seems to have a “too many open files” problem when you load it up with a large number (around 1000) feed URL’s. That means back to Liferea or maybe time to try Google.

Remastersys also needed an upgrade. The apt sources list entry changed as well. Once that was done, system backups were again on the doable list. That also means a bootable Ubuntu install DVD so I don’t have to download a gigabyte for each machine.

Open Office version 3 didn’t make Intrepid but some folks prepared an upgrade package. It appears that it had to be squished due to some bug. Word is they’ll get it fixed by mid January. OOo 3 should also make the next release, 9.04.

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