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Updates – pain or indicator of active life?

The updating business is a pain in the neck. I have to boot to Vista every couple of weeks to keep up to date and, sure enough, there is another 20 or 30 MB of updates to download and install. Most of the times, it seems, these are important enough to require a reboot to finish proper installation.

Linux isn’t much different. This morning was an OOo update as it needed 65 MB and was complaining about broken packages and needing to remove things. We’ll see if I still have a bootable system when it gets done.

Then there are the web service applications like WordPress. DreamHost does facilitate installing and upgrading its selection of the most common FOSS web server applications but it still requires going to their administration page and choosing the upgrade option. Then you have to go reset any customizations you may have done for the previous version.

These updates and upgrades not only fix things, they ‘improve’ things. That means you get some surprises, some good and some not so good, when you update your system.

It is a pain as it is something you need to do but it is also an indication that there is active development and support behind your software and that has to be a good thing, ya’ think?

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