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WordPress: backup

Having a means to back up things is good. Testing them to make sure they work is better.

Been there, done that. WordPress has import and export functions and they seem to work.

I exported the Whispers entries and save the file in my local file system www backup folder. Then I imported that file to this blog. All there!

The hassle is then going to manage posts, filter by a whispers category, and select all of each page to delete the posts in the categories that belong there and not here. Then clean up the categories.

The result is that the posts about eBox and codecs and such stuff that belongs here is now copied here.

Content re-arranging and resturcturing is a part of growth. A good backup system can facilitate this effort as well as provide a backstop if something goes awry. It looks like the WordPress export and import functions can provide an adequate service for these needs.

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