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Shutdown problems with CIFS shares

If you have CIFS shares mounted in Ubuntu you might have a long wait at shutdown. According to Sander Marechal, this is because the CIFS driver is a bit unusual and doesn’t reside in kernal space like most drivers. The shutdown process first ends all applications then unmounts network drives then local drives. The CIFS driver gets shut down with the applications but the system still thinks it has network drives to shutdown so it gets confused. See his explanation at Lone Wolves Automatically mounting and unmounting Samba/Windows shares with CIFS.

A script to handle this is provided in the Ubuntu Forums how to: automatically umount cifs partitions to take care of this. See 33 for an explanation of what it does.

One of the interesting tidbits about the Sys V type init.d startup and shutdown process is involved in properly installing this script. That is the use of the update-rc.d command. It appears that this command is used to synchronize the links in the various run level directories with the library of scripts in /etc/init.d/

Now to see if this works.

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