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OpenDNS and privacy issues

The Slashdot entry OpenDNS To Block and Monitor Conficker Worm is interesting not only as an example of how a free service can innovate in being useful and in making money but also in how people worry about it.

The story is about how the OpenDNS service can be used to help organizations control Cornficker intrusions by detecting access to problematic web addresses and notifying system administrators. The worry warts take note that OpenDNS can watch every move you make and can re-route your traffic, which it does to its advantage when you try to access an invalid URL.

For some, the OpenDNS assistance in finding proper URL’s and other services is a benefit. The service is often more reliable, for instance, than Charter’s default DNS service. For others, there is worry about being watched and monitored even if they aren’t but can’t tell because there isn’t any way to tell until it is too late.

I think that those worried about privacy should just behind closed doors. If you want to use public resources you are going to be visible in public. Make your presence decent and participate in proper accountability and awareness to help reinforce a trust that is necessary for effective social interaction.

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