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Scribefire update with WordPress

I use Scribefire to insert posts to my WordPress blogs. The latest Scribefire update changed things so posts were no longer posted. HoodaThunk? found a solution. The fix is by using the settings icon that is one of 5 over in the left margin — “Try unchecking the “Automatically insert invisible tracking pixel” checkbox in the Publishing tab of ScribeFire’s settings.” — we’ll see if it works for me, too.

Scribefire is an interesting balance between a utility and a not-necessarily-bad trojan. (see Download Squad description or performancing or More Impressions Of ScribeFire QuickAds Beta at Online Grandma). As a utility, it makes for very convenient post authoring and uploading while browsing the web. As a trojan, consider the latest feature that will help you find illustrations for your posts or the integration with blog advertising. This latest glitch is a ‘reverse trojan’ in that it wouldn’t put the post inserted into the blog.

Scribefire is very useful and very convenient. That means more posts, more timely posts, and more blog content. That can mean a more useful or interesting blog. Now what I have to do is to look into the style and presentation and then, perhaps, check out the advertising possibilities.

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