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TurnKey makes a case for Ubuntu

The decision about which OS to use is one that gets a lot of heat but very little light. The folks at TurnKey Linux describe their choice of Ubuntu as a basis and make a few good points that do shed a bit of light. Take a look and see what they value to compare to what you value. Here’s a list:

1) The Ubuntu Code of Conduct that tends to reduce technical castes.

2) Reduced conflicts of interest between Ubuntu and Canonical in the business model resulting in enhanced fiscal transparency.

3) The inheritance from Debian which also means the use of Debian as a “long term insurance policy.”

As a contrast, there is the essay asking Is Ubuntu Server ready for enterprise class computing? This one takes a missing driver for esoteric hardware as a critical issue. That issue has very little to do with the question at hand as it only highlights a hardware vendor’s limited support and the process involved in Linux distributions to accommodate such problems.

The fact is that any Linux distribution is as ready as any other for “enterprise class computing.” The issues involved in choosing which distribution is best for your needs involve the nature of the support that will be required. What many of these Linux decision essays don’t do is to compare Linux with other systems such as Microsoft or Sun or IBM offerings and what values are considered important in what circumstances.

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