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Remote login, Q&D substitute for VNC on a LAN

In Ubuntu, you enable remote logins on a machine with System->Administration->Login Window in the remote tab to enable a server. Then all you need to do is hit the button at the lower left of the client login screen to select the login to a remote computer option.

Juliet Kemp describes this in Remote Graphical Desktop With GDM and KDM, Graphical Remote Control. The process involves setting an xdmcp enabled line in the GDM or KDMrc configuration files and then using “Xnest -query -geometry 1280×1024 :1” to launch the remote login. Note that this command sets up a second X windows session on your computer as the :0 is your primary desktop. Then you can use the CTRL ALT F7 or F8 to switch between windows.

The big unknown is the host name or address of the server machine ( in the Xnest code example). When using the GDM client login, you can select from a displayed list of available servers. From the command line, you have to know it (and to spell it correctly!). That’s the dif between the GUI and command line approaches in general. There must be a utility to list available Xdmcp hosts – now to find it …

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