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Energy costs

The big black rack box with its PIII was replaced by a Netgear ReadyNAS DUO. That step increased storage by a factor of 7 and reduced noise significantly. It also reduced the power need from 49 watts to 21. With 8760 hours in a year that’s a drop from 429 KwH to 184. The electric rates sheet at NV Energy, Statement of Rates, indicates an electric energy cost of about fifteen cents per kilowatt hour. That means the annual expense drops from about $65 to $28.

The NAS has automatic power down capabilities so it can be turned off for 6 hours or so each night. That reduces the annual hours on to 6570 and the annual power cost to about $21. That’s about $7 per year for the processor and $7 for each hard drive in the NAS.

From a capital cost perspective, the $40+ potential annual energy cost savings would pay for the NAS in something under ten years. Rated life is probably closer to 5 so benefits other than power draw are needed to rationalize its expense.

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