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Looks like it’s time to buy the White Album, again

The news headlines say Digitally remastered Beatles coming in September. This effort took four years and paid a lot of attention to preserving the original sound with few exceptions. Those exceptions were such things as obviously unintended artifacts such as electrical clicks, and mic pops and hisses (excess sibilance).

Prior to this effort, the Beatles digital media was created from rather straighforward ripping of published sources – the media masters were about as far upstream as the effort went. This effort gets back to the original mixing tapes and equipment then applies modern processing techniques that replicate some of the tricks applied to the original recordings that was unique to the equipment and media of the time.

Of course, this is also major media hype. There will be special packages and provenance add-ons and other stuff to try to sell more. Whatever. It will be interesting to just what 4 years of effort using modern tools will do to create a recording to sound just like it should have forty years ago.

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