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Remastersys, Jaunty beta, and system printer config

A download and install of the Ubuntu Jaunty beta went without a glitch. All of the extras were installed to get a stable system with all the usual applications running. Remastersys installed successfully, too, and it was used to create a live distribution DVD of the resulting mess.

The Remastersys distribution booted properly and went through the installation as expected. It was only when I went to install printers that I encountered a glitch. I could not add a printer. The system printer configuration problem was a regression to a bug reported several months ago and fixed – something to do with the Python script that provides the GUI for GNOME configuration of CUPS printers. Why Remastersys resurrected this bug would be something to find out.

I’ll wait until both Jaunty and Remastersys have had a chance to settle down and see if this particular problem gets fixed. My guess is that it has something to do with what Remastersys has to assume about the system that changed in the Jaunty update. In the meantime, it means installing the Ubuntu upgrade from the distribution CD and then adding all of the customizations. That isn’t too much of a hassle as the ‘aptitude install’ list is almost an upgrade script and the initialization and configuration needs are minor.

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