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DreamHost emergency moves

DreamHost sent a note Friday morning that they had made an emergency move of my account to another server. That changed the IP addresses of all of my web pages and other services hosted on their machines.

It took until late afternoon before the web sites were again available.

It took until Sunday noon before e-mail services were up again.

DreamHost tech support asked for a traceroute output for the mail server. It went about fifteen hops and then timed out so they said it wasn’t them and to call Charter, my ISP to fix it. The problem with that was that the route got out of Charter’s network so it wasn’t them either. Oh, boy! nothing like a problem where everyone is pointing at the other guy and I am stuck in the middle and not able to address the problem.

I had always thought that subdomains would go to the primary which would then pass them down the line. This does not appear to have been the case. The subdomains to handle mail services and webmail seemed to have their own routing information on the I’net and that information did not get properly updated after DreamHost swapped servers on me.

Now to see if I can find out how this works…

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