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Wine for DeScribe

OK, there is the Ubuntu community documentation page for Wine – I agree, it’s better to stick with the standard repositories and application installation if you can. So that’s a “sudo aptitude install wine” and that installs winbind{a}, wine, and wine-gecko{a}.

Then run winecfg to configure the directories needed and set things up. I choose NT 4.0 for the Windows Version as that is closer to what DeScribe expects. Then is was time to look for an installed application – found one in the archive for a Win98 system. Restored that backed up directory to ~/wine/drive_c/ so it’d come up in the same location it expected (I tried it elsewhere but it couldn’t find its registration key then).

Hey! it runs. Now to find those old DeScribe Word Processing files. The filesystem root is supposed to be mounted as z: – Looks like it works! There is some font fun and whatever but I should still be able to recover most of the file.

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