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KE9V and logging

In Ham Logging as a Service, KE9V describes the idea of amateur radio activity logging as an I’net cloud service and mentions the ARRL as a potential sponsor of such an effort.

The log idea is excellent. The ARRL mention describes a weakness in leadership. The Logbook of the World does exist but it is not interactive and has limited goals (“create awards credit”). It may also suffer from a security paranoia.

The Amateur Radio community, via its established organizations, should be leading in activities like this. Instead, it is individuals, such as KE9V, that have to push and it will likely be some other individual (like did with APRS) that implements the ideas.

UPDATE: thinking about this one … this would be an excellent application of an APRS network on amateur frequencies. That way, an I’net connection would not be needed. It could currently be done via the usual I’net gateway used by but it seems the logbook itself could have a totally I’net free access point as well.

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