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Quality in the Amateur Radio Service

Amateur Radios Fall from Grace: the discussion in QRZ on licensing and testing takes note of a discussion on QRZ forums prompted by a ‘get the license then figure it out approach’ post.

The issue is an old one and the blog post takes note of the problem of defining learning objectives and testing for them. That issue started in the 70’s when there was pressure on the FCC to have its licensing activities pay for themselves; pressure on the ARRL to gain membership for political clout, a CB craze that generated competition and contempt for proper licensing, and an ignorance on the part of both the ARRL and the FCC regarding educational theory and the means of defining and testing learning.

One way for a membership organization to turn the tide is suggested in Membership Incentive Program for the American Radio Relay League. This is a suggestion to recognize achievement in small steps at a voluntary level. It depends upon the idea and value that amateur radio enthusiasts are self learners with initiative to get things done and need just a bit of incentive to help them achieve the next step.

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