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The Ars review of Ubuntu Karmic describes what they think is a cornerstone strategy for Ubuntu One that might also have implications for the desktop. Amidst all the usual drek, this was a new one for me.

CouchDB is an open source database system that is developed in the Erlang programming language. Unlike conventional relational databases which are designed around the concept of tables with columns and rows, CouchDB is a document-oriented database that stores structured JSON blobs with nested key/value pairs. CouchDB has a built-in Web server that is used to communicate with the database. Queries are sent as HTTP requests through CouchDB’s REST API.

With technobabble like that, it has to be worth some investigating. For instance, JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation so that fits right in with web browser scripting. Wikipedia calls is a lightweight computer data interchange format. The change is from SQL and tables connected by relations to structures connected by key:value associations.

CouchDB is an Apache Project – I saw an article recently that discussed the management at Apache for projects like this that was a fascinating description of an invention factory.

There are so many new ideas out there it is tough to keep up with them.

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