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Josephine, a 76 Airstream Overlander

Vaughn’s brother was upgrading from 27′ trailer to a class A and the price was right so Jo was added to the yard as a better place to invest a few bucks. It was a bit well used but had a number of features to examine for ideas.

The Onan Microlite was a nice idea but the Jerry can on the back bumper for fuel and a battery in the rear compartment to start it were somewhat troublesome. The genset also had some loose insulation getting into the air path which contributed to overheat conditions.

The solar system was ten years old but used a decent MPPT controller. The interesting item there was an RV Power Products electron counter, intelligent charger, and converter. It looks like the converter had failed and been replaced by an IntelliPower with Charge Wizard. That was a good upgrade but: The battery charging automatic shutdown on inverter power was disabled and the converter was back behind the water pump and range so access was difficult meaning unplugging for inverter use was impractical. Nothing like having an inverter run a battery charger on the battery whose power it is drawing!

That water pump location was also a problem. The line from it to the main line had leaked on the furnace casing so that casing will need to be removed, cleaned and repainted.

I also looks like there is a gap between the wheel well and the outside skin under the sink.

That’s the way it is when you get to fixing things on a new acquisition. One thing leads to another which then requires some other fix. — plenty to do!

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