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NAS share setup

To set up a CIFS share On the Netgear ReadyNAS DUO so it requires a login as a user who is a member of a group:
On the Share Listing CIFS TAB
Default access: DISABLED
Write-enabled users [checked]
groups:[group name]
enable recyle bin
automatically set permissions on new files and folders
Advanced Options tab
folder owner – [share name]
group – [group name]
group rights rw
everyone rights rw
grant rename and delete privileges to non-owner

The automatically set permissions is needed so the members of the group can share rw access to files on the share. This is supplemented by the “grant rename …” – that allows a lot of flexibility to anyone who logs in as a user who is member of the group identified as the write enabled listed group.

The login user and the group need to be defined before setting up the share. The share owner is defined by the system when the share is named.

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