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small pc

TG Daily: CompuLab showcases 13 ounce mini-PC.

These things are getting interesting. This one has 2 gigabit ethernet ports and HD video and audio and only 8 watts power draw. That means that it could serve as a home theater storage network I’net gateway for automated home control or something.

This Fit-PC2i, due out in January, also has 4 USB, serial RS-232, Mini SD, WLAN, and internal SATA HDD as part of the package. Memory capability is 1 or 2 GB. That puts this computer in the realm of low end laptops and and interesting option if you don’t want the bundled screen and keyboard of a laptop.

The question now, is price. If this can get down to low netbook pricing it will have all sorts of interesting possibilities, even as a toy.

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