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Where have all the mad scientists gone?

KL7AJ wonders at QRZ.COM

I know what the main difference between my generation of radio amateurs and the Emcomm weenies.

In OUR day, it was our job to CREATE emergencies. The new Emcommers are intent on “fixing” emergencies.

It’s all so clear now. And the answer is on its way!

How many of the new EMCOMM weenies ever stuck a screwdriver into a wall socket when they were toddlers? Not a one, I’d venture to bet.

How many wackers in their youth set the carpet, the ceiling, or the family cat on fire while attempting to build a Tesla coil or Jacob’s Ladder in their bedroom? Nary a one, I dare say.

Too much amateur radio “promotion” literature is wasted on trying to portray amateur radio as “civilized” and “safe.”

I say, let’s put the mad scientist back into ham radio where he belongs.

Ham radio should sizzle, crackle and bang!

Not to mention, SMELL! How many of this new generation of “HAMS” (eeesh!) even know what Ozone smells like?

Come on people! Let’s have some explosions! The EMT’s should be racing to OUR doors….not the other way around!

The responses in the discussion also have some very interesting stories to tell. Childhood is too safe anymore.

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