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Technology maturing

That was then, this is now: Why OSNews Is No Longer OSNews.

You don’t see much alternative operating system news on OSNews any more because there is none. … In the established worlds, the situation isn’t any better.

You can see the same maturing of the technology in Shuttleworth’s discussion about Window indicators and such truck in Ubuntu.

OS/2 v2 started the ball rolling in the early 90’s and the OS innovation went fast and furious from then for about ten years. The action now is in the mobile space, not the desktop. On the desktop, the OS isn’t the issue as the basic features and capabilities have pretty well settled out and are being provided by any system expecting widespread use. The innovation is in the small stuff, like fine tuning window indicators. The technology has matured. Growing pains are in the past and the future is just a matter of ironing out the wrinkles.

But you never know what might come down the pike to stir things up. All you can figure at this time is that it is going to have to be something that is at odds with a paradigm established over thirty years.

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