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Ten four good buddy! Ubuntu 10.04 impressions

A clean install of Ubuntu using an existing home directory. All went well. The previous desktop settings remained, including having the title bar window control buttons on the right instead of the left as a blank install would do. But some things regressed and some things got fixed.

The screen blanking bug came back. Even with the screensaver turned off or its time maximized and the power settings the same, the screen goes blank after a few minutes idle. That was fixed once but now its back.

The thump when opening a new audio app appears to be fixed. Now I can start up Audacious to play some background music without a horrendous thump bang.

The default theme made contrast rather poor so I couldn’t see the workspace icons in the control panel. That was easily changed.

Install via USB is easy and convenient on modern computers that have a BIOS boot menu option.

The flash plugin for Firefox on a 64 bit version persisted and remained functional. I wonder if the system plugin works now.

I see GQview has been renamed. Geequie? eeuw.

The HP all in one was better setup by the system printer process rather than running hp-setup. That simplifies things. The problem is that the driver from HP fails to load and that means the scanning functions are not available. This needs to be resolved. — run as ‘sudo hp-setup’ as it doesn’t detect it isn’t running as root.

Handbrake will require a development snapshot – again. It seems some library keeps getting updated in an incompatible way that breaks this program every release.

A next test will be to install the 32 bit version on an HP Slimline core solo to see if the RealTek ethernet driver has been fixed. That one has had trouble, depending upon release, staying alive.

Time to hit the search engines and find solutions and work-arounds! as usual.

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