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enable Firefox RAM cache

Lifehacker has this one: Speed Up Firefox by Moving Your Cache to RAM, No RAM Disk Required.

It’s an ‘about:config’ browser.cache setting.

Find browser.cache.disk.enable and set it to false by double clicking on it. You’ll then want to set browser.cache.memory.enable to true (mine seemed to already be set as such), and create a new preference by right clicking anywhere, hitting New, and choosing Integer. Call the preference browser.cache.memory.capacity and hit OK. In the next window, type in the number of kilobytes you want to assign to the cache (for example, typing 100000 would create a cache of 100,000 kilobytes or 100 megabytes). A value of -1 will tell Firefox to dynamically determine the cache size depending on how much RAM you have.

The source Speed Up Firefox Page Loading Time Without Using a RAM Disk has it fairly clear.

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