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What is one degree?

Top Documentary Films presents a BBC show where Bob Miller addresses the .75C temperature increase in global temperatures over the last 150 years. It takes a look at defining temperature and a bit about how it is measured.

The show has a rather low information density and tends to use Miller’s physics degree and studies to lend authority. The focus was on temperature and heat and matters of measurement, precision, and accuracy were glossed over where necessary so as to not detract from the desired propaganda outcome.

The primary support for one degree causing significant climate concerns was a statistical argument. That was to note that shifting a bell curve mean will cause it to cover a higher number of events out in the tail of the curve. On degree higher temperature means we should see many more hot weather events. The problem is that there is no evidence for any increase in the frequency of such events. There was nothing in the presentation to indicate just how significant a one degree shift might be (i.e. the shape of the curve), whether the curve was really a random distribution about the mean, or the many other factors influencing a proper measure.

Some cute stuff and whatnot but not good science education.

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