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Isn’t this the truth:

The things they did do, they did wrong. They found bugs. They found ways to circumvent all of your carefully constructed system rules and validations. Not because they were master hackers or brilliant technicians … but because they were just stupid. … You wondered aloud how these people had managed to survive this long without drinking bleach by accident.

The story is about Why some EMR programmers think physicians are stupid

It’s far easier to conceal stupidity, laziness, and incompetence while utilizing a paper based documentation system than an electronic one. Paper documents are regularly loaded with errors, inaccuracies, and out-right crap. Lucky, very little of this has any impact on patient care or is discovered until the chart is audited by insurance companies, Federal agencies, or malpractice attorneys.

It’s not until the paper form is replaced by a computer that can fact check and give instant feedback that the massive scope of all this crap documentation becomes known.

In this particular case, it provides some insight into the cost of health care.

But, then again. As the article makes obvious, why is a software programmer designing and coding a computer system for health care? Isn’t that like an oil company executive designing a formula one racing car or lawyers writing health care legislation? Yea. That.

Even the author of the story misses the crucial point here. He doesn’t understand proper software development and the role of the various people involved in developing an application, It the fallacy about setting something you don’t know aside – the use of computer illiteracy as an excuse for not reading the prompts or even applying the most basic thinking skills when recording data obtained in a complex situation.

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