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A short course on raising cattle

The Survival Blog gets into some interesting topics and ideas. The story about how to deal with feral children was one. Today is about cattle raising basics. It is an eye opener for those who haven’t given much thought to the life of a rancher.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to work with large animals you are going to get hurt.  It’s not a question of if.  It’s a question of when and how bad.  You’re working with animals that weigh in excess of half a ton.  They can hurt you with very little effort and no intent.  The better your working facilities the safer you are.  One trip to the emergency room will pay for some pretty good facilities and equipment.  Where would you rather spend the money?

There are issues to handle all the way from breeding to birth to slaughter to the freezer.

The point of this story is that no one, not even a well trained and very competent vet, knows everything. Sometime you’re going to be guessing and making mistakes. Accept it.

That sounds like good advice for just about any worthwhile endeavor.

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