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Next up: Natty April 28

Ubuntu 11.04 is in final prep for release in a few days. This release will provide a major change in the user interface and that is creating a lot of angst. jorge’s stompbox has The Power User’s Guide to Unity with a few tutorial videos and a FAQ that refers to ask Ubuntu for answers. Tech Drive-In also has 31 Useful Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts as a reference.

The key issue is cleaning up the desktop so that more space can be allocated to applications. The examples are both Unity and Gnome3. The new interface brings in a new vocabulary and a different way to configure options. That is one reason that keyboard shortcuts may be more important than they have been.

This change like a big disturbance in a lake. There will be ripples and waves bouncing around for quite a while as the mass audience works with the changes and provides information for adjustments and modifications.

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