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Safes as beach litter?

It is hard to imagine a home safe as something that would wash up on the shore but that seems to be the case in Japan. It is like big rocks showing up as beach litter. But that is what is happening after the tsunami. See the picture at Gizmodo of a pile of some of the safes. There are hundreds of them.

It seems that the Japanese like to have a good amount of cash on hand and use home safes to stash it in. That means that these beach litter safes could represent a significant recovery if they can match the safe to the owner. That owner probably lost just about everything he owned in the tsunami so a good cash stash could make a big difference.

Meanwhile, Hawaii and the US west coast is bracing for the lighter tsunami litter. Rather massive litter patches including near whole houses have been seen catching Pacific ocean currents and presenting a ship navigation hazard.

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