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Windows market share and flavors

Techie Buzz says Windows 7 Now Most Used OS in United States. They side a StatCounter report that shows Windows 7 has gained a slight lead over Windows XP at a bit over 31% of desktop market share, each.

Since Vista has about 20% of the share, the total for the latest Windows paradigm is really just over 50% that ups to 82% when XP is included. That is down a bit from the 90% + that Windows has had in the last twenty years. Apple has managed to up their share from 5% or so to 15%. Linux runs a bit under 1% and there is about 2% elsewhere.

Windows XP was released in 2001, ten years ago. It is quite a testimony to its effectiveness that it has survived as a major player for ten years. It’s been 2 years for Windows 7 to overtake its share and it may take yet more time before the many businesses that are using XP finally make the upgrade. In the meantime, Windows 7 defines the path needed for upgrading XP software to newer systems and platforms. Business takes a while to upgrade things that cost a lot, which is why Cobol still has a viable community.

There has been a lot of talk over the years about computing paradigm shifts. We may be seeing these finally appear. There is a confluence of available computing power sufficient to handle end user needs, hardware to fit that power into small packages, graphics and displays to provide useful interfaces, and communications to reach out and touch nearly anything.

The platform behind the Desktop is becoming a minor issue. That, in part, is why Apple has been able to increase its share of the market. The Linux share may be small but the idea of software that is inexpensive and can run on many platforms is gaining ground.

It’s getting there.

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