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Natty Narwhal

There seem to be a lot of folks out there in bash ‘n trash mode when it comes to Ubuntu’s latest. They can’t seem to get a handle on their emotions. So when I see someone passing judgment rather than opinion, I drop the page and keep looking.

One spot to stop and read through is Dedoimedo. Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal review – A great surprise has some good information and useful opinion.

This is not the first time Canonical has made a big change in its desktop. However, after Upstart, GRUB 2, two revisions of the desktop interface, revamping of fonts, removal of many core applications, and the package management refurbish, Unity desktop is the latest and definitely most cardinal change introduced by Canonical in the past five years. It is a make it or break it change.

He suffered some pain in the early days of the notebook remix and uses that as a referent for the improvements made in Unity for the latest release.

I was expecting a slow, buggy, crashing system that can’t be used. Instead, I got a very well polished, well integrated, visually pleasing, and extremely stable and fast distro that does what it is supposed to do. This is indeed a great surprise. Natty surpassed my fairly pessimistic forecast.

There are things to fix, issues to address, modifications to be made from feedback received. Do follow the link to Webupd8 for ideas about what to tweak and how.

The multiple screen problems and a couple of other issues have in hold for me right now. Hopefully those will get resolved shortly. Meanwhile, it is doing OK on the core solo backup machine.

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