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Alternative TV

Lisa Gerstner has a good rundown on Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Cable TV as it stands at present.

This is an area where pricing schemes are still in their infancy. Broadcast TV depends upon inline advertising, Cable and Satellite depend upon user fees. Both of those supported the infrastructure for delivery as a part of their system. Delivery via I’net needs a decent connection and that, for now, usually means cable with the cell networks close behind. Other I’net options such as DSL and satellite just haven’t been able to reliably get to the speeds needed for HD streaming video.

Movies lead the way as, for example, Netflix provides an extensive library and a subscription model that has been moving from physical media to video streaming.

Network shows are Hulu’s forte and they are working with a variety of techniques and methods for presentation of both current and archival series.

Another source is the source website. This was covered in regards to sporting events. ESPN and the NFL web sites provide examples. What doesn’t seem well covered is the collection of cable oriented networks such as National Geopgraphic, Homes and Gardens, Discovery, and so on. These sources (and PBS stations) often provide physical media sales and don’t seem to have, yet, done much with streaming delivery.

Cable and satellite delivery of video presentations appear to still be rather safe bets for now.

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