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Microphone questions?

Roy, G4WPW, has a page with pinouts and wiring diagrams for the microphone connections on most common radios. For instance, to enable Icom’s microphones to be used on non Icom tranceivers, the diagram shows you need a 1 uF electrolytic, a 1k ohm half watt resister, and a 0.001 uF capacitor along with a 9v power lead.

If you get into microphones, you’ll find there are two basic types used in most AR equipment. Dynamic microphones are speakers in reverse. They need enough sound to create a signal going back up the line. Other types need a voltage to work, often for both the microphone element and a pre-amplifier. See Choosing a Microphone for some good background.

Microphones for AR use tend to be built to limit frequency response to aid in intelligibility of voice communications.

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