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Synthesis bootlegging, or maybe social recording

Gizmodo describes a stereo mic for your iphone with the idea that it’d make for a “sneaky bootlegging tool.”

That’s really only the old way to do it.

One of these days, a group of concert-goers, maybe tens or even hundreds strong, will team up. Each will record the concert on their personal communications device. After the concert, all of the recordings, along with the seat location, will be used as input to a program that will combine them into a media presentation. With so many sources, it should be possible to remove many extraneous noises, cull surround information, and even enhance fidelity. You could end up with a studio quality five or seven channel recording of the concert as heard by the audience.

The same techniques could be used for creating a recording of community events ranging from police action to town hall meetings. If multiple sources could be stitched together, then it might be possible to clarify speech and provide a 3D video of the action. That could have interesting implications for public awareness.

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