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Ubuntu Unity

The new user interface in Ubuntu really shakes some folks up. jorge’s stompbox has The Power User’s Guide to Unity that provides an index to the Q&A for Ubuntu users and developers on common issues. There are also links to videos and other guides about Unity.

The list of application indicators, for instance, says to install “ppa:indicator-multiload/stable-daily and install package indicator-multiload” to put a system monitor on the top panel. Other indicators include one for weather, cpu frequency, keep alive (Caffeine), ejecting USB sticks, SSH menu, and more.

Another one that discombobulates many is the Apple style global menu. How do I disable the global application menu? tells you how to put the menu back on the application window rather than on the top panel. All it takes is removing a package – “sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu” – i,e, the menu thing is one of those application indicators as mentioned above. You can also configure the package if you just want certain applications to have their menu local.

It is new. It is being refined and adjusted. It is also FOSS so you can do just about anything you want to make it work they way you like or to use another option. It is a sad commentary on many folks approach to ‘new and novel’ that all they can do is to bash and trash when it is so easy to get back to their Luddite-like comfort zone.

Meanwhile, with web pages like jorge’s, there are a lot of ideas to explore!

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