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Leadership and career development

At Fast Company: The Talent Paradox: Despite High Unemployment, Two-Thirds Of Your Employees Are Ready To Bail

People often describe certain individuals as “natural-born leaders,” but the truth is that business leaders are made, not born–shaped through the assignments they receive and the experiences they have. That formation can happen by accident or by design. Leaving leadership development to chance can be chaotic and unpredictable; organizations that want to ensure that they have the leaders they need, now and in the future, would do well to embrace leadership development by design.

This is the genes versus environment argument. There are a few who may make it on their own but many are most influenced by the jobs the find and the management they suffer. It is why I suggested to some high school students that they look for mentors and role models in choosing jobs, careers, and further academic pursuits. It is very difficult to rise through an environment of failure. It takes effort to escape mediocrity. Being in the light of success will leave some shine no matter what you do.

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