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What do you do with your own R/C model construction company?

Joe, a retired Canadian rancher, has a hobby that keeps him busy down in the basement. See The Story Behind Joe, the Man who Excavated his Basement Using Only R/C Scale Models

Joe: “First, I would like to make a correction as I have not been digging the basement for 15 years as reported but rather for the past 7 years, as I began hauling dirt in June of 2005. However, I have been into the radio controlled heavy commercial hobby from 1996, and I acquired my first R/C construction model kit in the summer of 2001.

Every year, I excavate about 2 to 3 cubic yards of material. I mine it from the walls during the winter, put it through the crusher, screen it, and then haul it out during a summer’s worth of Sundays.

Every now and then you can see some amazing model railroad setups in basements or rec rooms. This particular take on an unfinished basement is something else. Pictures and Videos and additional postings at the link.

Hobbies. They keep the mind alive and soul in peace.

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