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Cheap, behind the scenes, servers

Luke Maciak describes Set up a home linux server for $30 with PogoPlug. The PogoPlug is one of those devices intended to connect USB drives to the ‘cloud’ as a personal storage device. Luke provides a link to Unlocking your Dockstar, GoFlex, or Pogoplug that describes how to install a new bootloader so you can boot the device off a USB stick.

Luke also addresses the perennial question “what do you do with it?

well, maybe you get a USB GPS Tracker Stick Data Logger Dongle (like at dealextreme for $25), and old TNC, and a 2m radio to make an APRS station. Tack on a PICAXE with weather sensor inputs via i2c so you can add weather data packets or even directly update your website. Add a wifi dongle and make it hub for station communications. Add a sound dongle and use it for WSJT. Use it for web based rig control.

Of course, the idea is not to do just one thing but use the device to coordinate between many things.

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