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What happened to my display?

One of those irritating things that keeps getting fixed and then re-surfacing in Ubuntu is video blanking. It appears that has this penchant for inactivity time-outs that keeps showing up. For 12.10, there is a bug for this listed on launchpad.

The problem is that the power settings and screensaver savings via the menu system settings applications don’t control the behavior. You have to get down to the X configuration files which probably don’t exist as they are only needed for special circumstances. That brings up the problem of making sure you put your particular stanza for this in the right syntax and place the file in the right location with the right name.

For Ubuntu 12.10, what you can do is to submit the ‘xset s 0 0’ command. That changes the X screensaver timout and cycle to zero. Use ‘xset q’ to see this. ‘man xset’ will provide a rundown on all the options available and what they do.

Of course, there is no guarantee so other solutions may need to be found. That gets into acpi and related bootup options.

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