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Analog parts kit, $60

Jack Ganssie noted an Analog Parts Kit, “a cool kit of parts for folks who want to experiment with analog circuits.” It is a sampler of Analog Devices parts from Digilent, Inc.

“The kit includes a wide selection of passives like resistors, capacitors, pots, and inductors. The active devices cover a pretty broad range, including transistors, diodes, LEDs, op amps, voltage regulators, and references. But there’s also an instrumentation amp and matched transistor packages. Serious parts for serious analog work. Sensors abound, which makes it possible to build some pretty cool circuits. These include current, magnetic, vibration, and temperature sensors, as well as an accelerometer and photocell.”

Documentation is a weak spot. The web page for the kit, Analog Parts Kit does have links to datasheets and Jack provides links to pages with a number of projects that can be built with the kit.

There is also the Analog Discovery(tm) that is described as a “A complete, all-in-one analog design kit for the price of a textbook!” — $200 is a bit more than I used to pay for textbooks but, I guess, not when inflation is taken into account.

Lots of nifty do-it-yourself educational kits at Diligent.

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