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The sacred bundle: a coherent identity

“A sacred bundle is the collection of symbols, stories and artifacts that confers identity upon a community and establishes its social norms; every organization has one. The longer the organization has existed, the more layered and complex its sacred bundle is likely to be.”

It is the story of a new minister who missed Applesauce Day. He didn’t pick up on the clues and was ignorant of the contents of the ‘sacred bundle’ and that led to his downfall. Ed Moore describes the situation at Faith & Leadership.

“Despite its complexity and secrecy, a sacred bundle is nothing more, and nothing less, than the distillation of a community’s journey. Learn how it came to pass that applesauce trumps Easter at Granny Smith UMC and a pastor will truly comprehend the congregation.”

Any leader in any organization must know the organization’s community journey. He cannot be blind to the customs, the artifacts, the identity of the organization. He must be sensitive to discern the one that exists in reality and not be blinded by the one that exists in his mind or on paper.

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