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For $3? Microchip’s analog MCU

Jack Ganssle describes Microchip’s PIC24F family of MCUs that have significantly enhanced analog capabilities.

“The parts have the usual mix of memory and gobs of digital I/O, USB, etc. 64KB or 128KB of flash with 8KB RAM. Five timers, 9 input capture and output compare/PWM channels. All nice stuff but not unusual.

The data signal modulator is somewhat unique. It mixes data with a carrier to produce a modulated output, for FSK and PSK keying. I can see a lot of interest in this from the amateur radio crowd.

The parts’ defining character, though, stems from the carefully-engineered analog components”

The A/D converters need 116 registers to control all of the options and possibilities. That gives you an idea that there are many things you can do with this chip. It is really rather amazing that all of this capability is in a device that costs less than $3 in quantity.

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