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Linux hdmi audio and btfrs compression

I was wondering why I couldn’t find the hdmi audio in the settings until I ran across a note that the default for the radeon driver for audio has been off in recent kernels. For the two machines I have that use, adding ‘’ to the line in /etc/defaults/grub with the other kernel options (grubcmdlinelinux_default) and then running update-grub and rebooting got my sound settings option available for HDMI. Then I could choose that option for sound output and finally got sound again via the digital video link.

The btrfs option for compression is also handy for archives and backups. That needs the option to be specified in fstab – add ,compress after defaults in the fstab line. Then there’s the issue of compressing what is already on your btrfs partition. There’s a good discussion on this at askubuntu.  What I used was

find / -xdev ( -type f -o -type d ) -exec btrfs filesystem defragment -v -clzo -- {} +

except I chose -czlib rather than -clzo. It appears to have increased the free space by a few percent.

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