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Weather Fax and Marine Forecasts

If you want to see a current surface chart, the NOAA Marine Forecasts page is a good place to start to find frequencies and times.

“Radiofax, also known as HF FAX, radiofacsimile or weatherfax, is a means of broadcasting graphic weather maps and other graphic images via HF radio. HF radiofax is also known as WEFAX, although this term is generally used to refer to the reception of weather charts and imagery via satellite. Maps are received using a dedicated radiofax receiver or a single sideband (SSB) shortwave receiver connected to an external facsimile recorder or PC equipped with a radiofax interface and application software.”

There are also links there to the current charts if getting them off-air isn’t the ticket for the moment. DXZone is also a good resource for finding out more. Then, for a pretty picture of continental winds, see the Wind Map. That one provides a good synoptic picture as where the wind flows, so goes the weather.

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