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Ubuntu 13.10 axepad (Picaxe)

Eliminating the auto-login got the dual monitor and keyboard shortcuts issues fixed. Using suspend took care of the full reboot and login hassle. Wally is in there to change desktop backgrounds on a schedule. — So now to get the Picaxe and Microchip stuff going.

For axepad, installing libgtk2.0-0:i386 and libc6:i386 got it going – note the “:i386” to handle the 32 bit Linaxepad program.

This did not get mplab-ide going. That comes up, says it is loading modules, puts an icon on the launchpad, but never shows a window (it does on the EEE PC, though). There are no messages when running it from a terminal except I was able to completely hang the system when I tried ^c  to terminate the program. It is interesting that the mplab download program does come up. It’s just the main IDE that hangs. Interesting puzzle.

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