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PCD (personal communications device a.k.a. smartphone) theft and trivia

Some interesting trivia by Robert Brokamp when describing How to prevent mobile phone theft.

According to Consumer Reports, 3.1 million smartphones were stolen in 2013, which was nearly a 100 percent increase from 2012′s number. Another 1.4 million were lost.

according to a study by Experian. (Android users spend just 28 percent of their time actually talking on their phone; for iPhone users, that figure is 22 percent.)

a monthly bill that, according to J.D. Power, averages $73. Recent data from the Wall Street Journal and ABI Research says that the average cost of an Android device is $254 while Apple averages $687 for each iPhone it sells.

As for reducing theft risk, there’s a list of ten from locking the phone to authorities notification. Of particular concern is to up the guard against identity theft.

As always, the risk of theft counterbalances convenience. There is also the usual battle of wits between thieves and defenses. It will be interesting to see how this evolves. Some of that will be social and some will be technical. The stakes are high.

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