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Brain dead

Kitty Knowles says Daft drillers distraught after DIY iPhone headphone jack prank.

We’d love to think that some of these testimonials are jokers trying to get in on the act, because the reality is a sad one.

As one YouTuber writes: ‘The amount of people that thought that this is real is worrying for the future of the human race.”

When you lay out several hundred dollars for a gadget, is YouTube your resource for how to modify it? With power tools?

Yes, some of the geeks out there don’t think much of the Apple fans and their sense of humor can get rather cruel but really, do the Apple fans have to prove their point?

Or these geeks could be reacting to something I have noticed: when someone starts labeling you the ‘computer wizard’ did you ever stop to think they were engaged in creating interpersonal distance? Instead of engaging with the technology that enables them to do nifty things, they are disengaging and making distance from change and growth. That is perhaps as productive and useful as digging the drill out of the garage to take after your new phone.