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Tech directions: IkaScope

They call it the IkaScope. “Robust and reliable analog front end, Measuring signals with IkaScope is quick, easy and intuitive. Sampling rate 200 MSPS; Bandwidth 25 MHz; Memory 4000 pts; Input range ± 40V; Coupling AC / DC; Refresh rate 200 FPS*.”

At this time, it’s a gleam in the designer’s eye so who knows what will eventually show up. The concept as described is feasible and illustrates a number of ideas about where instrumentation is going.

Wireless is more than just convenience. It provides electrical and functional isolation. This wireless uses a standard Wifi network and provides an access point if need be. Now, if the display and control used standard HTML – i.e. the device served up a standard web page rather than requiring some proprietary protocol, the only custom software would be bundled with the custom hardware.

The portability expression is also telling. This is an oscilloscope in a probe form factor. The level of integration not only provides capabilities in small form factors, it can also provide cost reductions.

For speculation, consider how the IkaScope idea might be expanded to multiple channels. How might a collection of independent probes coordinate their measurements? Then there’s signal processing, data analysis, other measuring needs, and … just where can it go?

Doors open. Ideas flood in. Interesting times.