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‘Old’ People v Tech

Linus got himself in a bit of hot water at YouTube with Old People are the WORST at Technology – Then vs. Now Ep3. Yes, he’s poking fun at stereotypes. The likes to dislikes runs at 25k to 4k so there are are a lot who don’t see the point.

The fact is that a real problem is highlighted. A good example of where the problems he illustrates can have a negative impact on organizations is with the WBCCI, an Airstream RV owners group. Those problems run from a failure to adhere to commonly accepted good business practice in communications to a failure to understand the level of financial and professional support needed in an online presence.

It isn’t ignorance that is the underlying issue. It is the resistance to learning and change. That expressed dissonance that is often surfaces in asocial ways. 

As Linus points out, safety and security may be at stake. Falls are a significant hazard for the elderly. One lady even had a kitchen wall phone mounted near the floor after a fall experience where she could not reach a phone. Now the issue is about resistance to having a cell phone and about not carrying it at all times. This can be even a simple flip phone with big buttons but it could also be a smart phone with an app that will detect when a fall and call for help automatically or respond, via Alexa, Sira, or Cortana to a plea for help.

Linus highlights a number of areas between the inane to critical where technology could make life better – if allowed to. From social interactions to mental stimulation, there are many ways that technology can enhance vitality and lifestyle that should cause those who get into arguments with the youngsters in their life should keep in mind.